Oklahoma City Network - www.okcnet.net

network servers:

This server:
dallas.okcnet.net /dallas.okcnetwork.com (
location/network: dallas, tx - psychz networks (psychz.net) through zayo.com (dallas server #1)
looking glass:dallas looking glass (IPv4 only)

Server #2:
dallas2.okcnet.net/dallas2.okcnetwork.com (
location/network: dallas, tx - tragicservers.com via quadranet.com (dallas server #2)
looking glass:dallas #2 looking glass (IPv4 only)

Server #3:
canada.okcnet.net/canada.okcnetwork.com (
location/network: toronto, canada - vps-hosting.ca via kwdatacenter.com
looking glass:toronto, canada looking glass (IPv4 only)

Server #4:
vortex.okcnet.net/vortex.okcnetwork.com ( - (main server)
location/network: kansas city, mo - wholesaleinternet.net
looking glass:kansas city, mo (main server) looking glass (IPv4 and IPv6)
http://www.acsok.us ( - main website for company (Advanced Computer Specialists of Oklahoma, LLC.)

Server #5:
atl.okcnet.net/atlanta.okcnetwork.com (
location/network: atlanta, ga - ramnode.com
looking glass:atlanta looking glass(IPv4 only)

Server #6:
lv.okcnet.net/lv.okcnetwork.com (
location/network: las vegas, nv - vpeasy.com via versaweb.com
looking glass:las vegas looking glass (IPv4 only)

sysinfo: phpSysinfo